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Sustainability. The Smart Way.

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Driven by the passion to support entrepreneurs become the vital pillar of sustainability, change and innovation, Solutions4Impact was founded in 2019.


Solutions4Impact gives the necessary support that any entrepreneur needs to be sustainable and create a specific impact. Without having an universal recipe, our services are focused  and personalized  for making a path towards sustainability that fits to your company needs, capability and growth, in order to balance profit and purpose.


We believe in a future where we cherish and value sustainability values and embrace them and where all businesses act responsibly, purposefully, economically to the best of their abilities.

"My great success recipe is finding my passion, my work and persevere"

Corina Radu is the Founder and Director of Solutions4Impact. She is an experienced sustainability consultant who uses her broad spectrum of knowledge in sustainability, business acumen and experience, as is a sought-after independent consultant, business coach and B Corp Leader, working hard to deliver fit -for-purpose impactful solutions for successful entrepreneurs.


Reach more customers that value sustainable products

Our Signature Session for Sustainability Clarity and Action 

Supporting companies to get world wide recognized for their sustainability efforts 

Reveal your value with the right impact data 

Streamlining your sustainability value and convincing customers and partners

Having people and sustainable development first 


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