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C     O     N     S     U     L     T     I     N     G

Responsibility. The Smart Way.

Driven by the passion to support entrepreneurs become the vital pillar of responsibility, change and innovation, Solutions4Impact was founded in 2019.


Solutions4Impact gives the necessary support that any entrepreneur needs to be responsible and create a specific impact. Without having an universal recipe, our services are focused  and personalized  for making a path towards sustainability that fits to your company needs, capability and growth, in order to balance profit and purpose.


We believe in a future where we cherish and value sustainable values and embrace them and where all businesses act responsibly, purposefully, economically to the best of their abilities.

"My great recipe for success is finding my passion and persevere"

Nominated in BEST Coaches 2021

and in TOP Women Austria 2023

Corina Radu is the Founder and Director at Solutions4Impact. She is an experienced business coach who uses her broad spectrum of knowledge in capacity building, business acumen and experience as is a sought-after independent consultant, business coach and B Leader, working hard to deliver fit -for-purpose impactful solutions for successful entrepreneurs.

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Coaching businesses through B Impact Assessment 

Helping businesses become B Corp Certified Companies 

Focusing on what matters, where it matters in every business

Helping you become a powerful leader 

BREATHE- a bespoke workshop for a responsible value chain

Talking impact, networks, solutions and ideas

 I am grateful for the chance I had to be part of a BREATHE session with Corina which was really mind-opening!


What I liked the most was that I can take one action at a time, I can do something starting tomorrow, either as an individual or as a small company. 

I fully recommend the BREATHE session with Corina as a valuable first step to take, in building a sustainable future for your company!

Simona, Branding Manager FMCG& Banking (RO)

Corina and I have worked together in organizing and co-hosting one of the “Sustainability Talks Series” workshops.

The reviews after the workshop were fantastic, participants asking a repeat of the workshop and suggesting other topics.

I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to organize sustainability  workshops, expect high engagement and results! 

Joanna,  Managing Director (UK)

Corina's BREATHE workshop has got our team to consider a more actionable & structured approach, to achieving the company's climate goals.

We already had a strong vision for our company's climate targets but they became better aligned when we re-evaluated the SDG's that the company is enabling.

The things I liked best in this workshop were a structured approach to identifying SDGs and actionable targets.

Andreea, Sustainability Manager (DK)

The first attempt at the B-Impact assessment was SCARY!

It showed me how much I had not considered AND that is the point! 

Luckily, I just spent some time with Corina, who is supporting me on my journey to B-Corp Certification.

It feels a lot less stressful when you have a great professional by your side, challenging you on what you can do.

Thank you Corina!

Sarah, Impact Coach (DE)

Corina is an amazing woman professionally and personally and a wonderful mentor!

I learned about her experiences and different topics like sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals, stakeholder engagement and more for my project and  she gave  me a lot of useful recommendations to improve.

Bertha, Environmental Engineer (El Salvador)

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