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How Do You Certify as B CORP

To certify, your business must achieve at least 80+ points across the 5 key areas of the B Impact Assessment (BIA)


What Is B Corp Certification 

B Corp Certification is the only certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance.

As a Certified B Corporation, your businesses will meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, to balance profit and purpose.

The process of getting B Corp certified is rigorous, examining your business inside and out – from your financial details to your environmental policies to the diversity of your suppliers

Why Become B Corp Certified

Grow value for employees

88% of millennials want to work for companies with same values as theirs 

Grow value for investors

Estimated 30 trillion dollars are
invested in ESG best performers 

Grow value for customers

Influence customer's buying and their consumption behavior

Grow your business value 

Grow average 30% more sales
Attract and retain talent
Attract financing and investors


 Unique U Germany Certified B CORP 2022

Impact Stories by Impact Market Romania 2023

 B Impact Assessment for Impacters Group UK 

B Corp Pioneers: Slovenia, Turkiye, Greece

Uloo Austria Certified B Corp 2022





The B Corp KIT'DOER is designed for companies who have already started the B Impact Assessment

1. Identify missing points B Impact Assessment

2. Reviewing the answers

3. Reviewing final B Impact Assessment score

4. Submitting the final form and preparing for evaluation phase

Drawing on a Board

This very adaptive coaching program is designed for companies who start their

B CORP journey for the first time


 Not sure about having resources and timeline ​

Trying to define the impact of the organization 

Not knowing where to start 


Learning to think impact first

 Clear Roadmap of the journey

Clearly defined list of impact goals and measurement

Templates and Frameworks aligned with B Corp needs 


Preparing you for the review phase feedback implementation


Estimated 6 to 8 weeks to complete the BIA at your own pace 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get certified?

The length of the certification process varies based on a company's size and complexity. The verification process to finalize a company's score typically takes from several weeks to a few months. Large multinationals or companies with many related entities should expect a longer process. Currently the process takes between 6 months to 1 year.


Who is eligible for B Corp Certification?

Any for-profit company with at least a year of operations may pursue B Corp Certification. There is no minimum or maximum size. Certain companies, such as those under a year old, those with related entities, or large multinational and public companies, have additional considerations and requirements.


Will I need to change my company's legal structure to certify?

All Certified B Corps must meet a legal accountability requirement to maintain Certification. Your company's legal requirement will vary based on your location and structure. 

Can subsidiaries or franchises pursue B Corp Certification?

Subsidiaries, franchises, and companies with related entities may pursue B Corp Certification, with certain limits. Subsidiaries of publicly-traded companies also must meet additional transparency requirements.


Can start-ups certify as B Corps?
B Corp Certification is based in part on a company's verified performance on the B Impact Assessment, which asks questions about a company's past fiscal year. This means that companies with less than one year of operations are not yet eligible for B Corp Certification. Instead, they may pursue Pending B Corp status, designed to set a start-up on the path to full Certification.


Can sole proprietors get B Corp Certified?
Yes! There's no minimum size for B Corp Certification. Your company size will influence the questions you have to answer on the B Impact Assessment to meet the performance requirement for Certification. 


What information do Certified B Corps have to make transparent?

All Certified B Corps share their B Impact Assessment overall scores and category scores on their public profiles on Public companies and their subsidiaries have extra transparency requirements and make their entire B Impact Assessment public, with particularly sensitive information like revenue.


What topics are covered in the B Impact Assessment?
The B Impact Assessment examines a company's impact on their workers, community, environment, and customers. The BIA also asks questions about a company's governance structure and accountability. Questions are split into two categories: Operations, which covers a company's day-to-day activities, and Impact Business Models, which awards additional points for business models designed to create additional positive impact. 

How long is the timeline get certified?

Currently these are foreseen timelines

Did you reach the time for recertification?

Currently these are foreseen timelines

 Your 5 Steps to Master Your B Corp Journey 


This 60 Min call will guide you through the main steps of your B Corp Certification process, so that you feel confident and prepared  for taking them.

Best for organizations who are committed to create positive impact and reduce their negative impact as much as possible!

This call is for:

  • companies who want to take the B Corp Certification journey for the 1st time

  • companies who need to recertify as B Corps

  • companies who are looking to define and measure their business impact

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