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As a Certified B Corporation, your businesses will meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, to balance profit and purpose.

“I always thought B Corps were a good idea…but I really didn’t think it was necessary. You know, you have this stakeholder model, you take care of your stakeholders, what do you need this legal form for? We had activists come into our stock. … they wanted to force us into a sale. … Boy oh boy oh boy, did I wish we were a B Corp. …

I would have loved to have tested the idea of a Benefit Corporation.”

John Mackey

Whole Foods, Founder

"The capital markets as they are now are totally broken…the B
Corp Certification and structure is a movement. It says yes, you
have to pay attention to what you are doing to the environment,
to what you are doing to your workers, to what your impacts are
in the community.”

Rose Marcario,

CEO at Patagonia

What does it mean to have the 

 B Corp Certification

B Corp Certification is the only certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance.

The process of getting B Corp certified is rigorous; you have to examine your business inside and out – from your financial details to your environmental policies to the diversity of your suppliers

The certification process starts with B Impact Assessment which evaluates how your company’s operations and business model impact your workers, community, environment, and customers.

Once acquired, B Corp Certification proves your business is meeting the highest standards of verified performance.

 B Corp Certification in a nutshell 

Know your business case 

 Get your leadership team on board 

Measure your impact (baseline)

Complete the Assessment 

Meet the requirements


Finalize and submit 

Documentation and review

Final Validation 

Are you a company who is committed to become B Corp and want to boost your score?

The B Corp KIT'STARTER is for you, if:

→ You’re committed to becoming a certified B Corporation within the next 12 months


→ You believe that business should balance profit and purpose


→ You’ve started completing the B Impact Assessment but you’re scoring below the required 80 points


→ You’re prepared to make the necessary changes within your business but aren’t sure how to move forward


→ You have some operational procedures in place but you’re not sure if these fulfil the B Corp requirements


→ You want clarity on quick wins that will boost your score

What is The B Corp KIT'STARTER

An initially 6 (six) half -day program that can be selected based on your availability 


→ A total of 24 hours of which we discuss, strategize and work effectively on your online B Impact Assessment 


→ You bring your team with  energy and commitment to provide all necessary data and documentation needed 


→ You’re prepared to submit the final online Impact Assessment to the B Corp designated analyst


Your goal: reach 80 points+ needed 

Who can benefit from B Corp KIT'STARTER

→ Entrepreneurs, Managers, CSR, HR, HSEQ, Audit professionals 


→ Company internal B Corp champions involved with information and data  in the BIA Assessment


→ Representatives of companies applying for B Corp certification and failing to achieve 80+ score


→ Freelancers or independent professionals directly involve in the BIA for a company trying to achieve the 80+ score

Benefits of B Corp KIT'STARTER

→ Working on your specific problem that keeps you from reaching the 80+ score


→ Dedicate B Corp expert with direct access to B Lab Europe analysts


→ A complete view on what your BIA Assessment needs to boost your score


→ A complete free handbook, resources and examples of how other companies achieved the B Certification score

Tailored Plan for B Corp certification

Nothing is impossible, so go for 80+!

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for B Corp Certification 


A first pass at the B Impact Assessment is the best place to start. We’ll work together so you’re comfortable using the online tool and are on the right track before we start to build you up to 80 points.


Getting a clear understanding of your baseline score is essential. This helps us to understand whether we’re starting the journey to 80 points from 30 or 60. While both starting point are perfectly valid, it’s important to set expectations around the timings and amount of work that will be involved. 


Once we’re clear on your baseline score we can start to build your roadmap to achieving 80 points, starting with quick and low cost wins.


Together we will create a tailored, comprehensive action plan which will set out your journey to B Corp certification, including timelines and resources required.


Where appropriate, I will provide you with additional tools to assist you in writing procedures or calculating your carbon emissions, for example. 


If you decide at this stage that you would like additional support, I am more than happy to help. The B Corp journey can vary quite a lot for different companies based on size and complexity. By completing this initial phase of the process, however, it gives everyone involved much more clarity on the time and resources that will be required.

Why should you become a B Corp? 

  • A Better place to work for your employees as well as your clients. To do good in every aspect of your business; not only when it comes to sustainability, but also when it comes to things like employee well-being and diversity and inclusion.

  • Accountability: once you submit your application, you are audited by the B Corporation group and if successful, they will proceed to check on your business every year to make sure your standards and practices are still up to standards

  • Ensure mission survival over time, have your values embedded in your company legal DNA

  •  Global community of other certified B Corps who you can learn from and network with, including companies like Patagonia, Danone, Tony’s Chocolonely and others

Main Requirements for B Corp Certification 

3. Review completed B Impact Assessment 

2. Complete the B Impact Assessment 

1. Meet the legal requirements 

4. Sign the Declaration of Interdependence 

5. Receive B Corp Certification  

6. Re-certify as B Corp Certification every 3 financial years

Facts and Figures about B Corps


  • Revenues of B Corps became 28% higher after they passed the certification

  • 48% of B Corps found that prospective employees are more attractive to their business specifically because they know the company is B Corp

  • B Corp employees are 46% more likely to be satisfied and engaged, have 16% better performance and 125% less burnout

  • B Corps are 21% more likely to have the majority of internal positions filled with internal candidates in comparison to other businesses 

"This is the chance I am taking to invite every entrepreneur, of any responsible business, big or small, to get his/her sustainable efforts recognized world wide. It is such an intense work to hold company's values as well as entrepreneurial values so high and therefore, the level of recognition and exposure that B Corp gives, to enter new markets, attract new customers and new investors, is a well deserved, unprecedented reward."




Corina Radu

  • 20 years of international experience, B Corp Leader 

  • Has worked in local and global sustainability project managing roles for energy companies such as OMV AG, where she managed the implementation of more than 30 sustainability projects

  • Project management certified and graduate of verified training in sustainability reporting 

  • Founder of Solutions4Impact, a sustainability consultancy for SMEs, helping them showcase their impact and reach more customers, partners and impact investors

  • Co-founder of New Virtual Collaboration, an online training company for corporates and SMEs specialized in team agility and leadership in remote working

  • Active as top, sought for, sustainability adviser at Solved Company Finland

  • Mentoring mid level and senior energy and tech professionals at Global Women Network for Energy Transition (GWNET) Professional Women of Vienna (PWN) and Tech.Face Switzerland 

  • Member of global EIT- Climate KIC Network of Coaches

  • Certified expert for accessing European Funds by the Education Ministry Romania

  • Guest lecturer sustainable framework and impact investing at Wroclaw Economics University

  • Advisory Board Member in Manna Foods, Romania 

  • Mentor and coach in local and international business incubator programs 


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get certified?

The length of the certification process varies based on a company's size and complexity. Completing the B Impact Assessment requires a minimum of several hours. The verification process to finalize a company's score typically takes from several weeks to a few months. Large multinationals or companies with many related entities should expect a longer process.

Who is eligible for B Corp Certification?

Any for-profit company with at least a year of operations may pursue B Corp Certification. There is no minimum or maximum size. Certain companies, such as those under a year old, those with related entities, or large multinational and public companies, have additional considerations and requirements.

Will I need to change my company's legal structure to certify?

All Certified B Corps must meet a legal accountability requirement to maintain Certification. Your company's legal requirement will vary based on your location and structure. 
Can subsidiaries or franchises pursue B Corp Certification?

Subsidiaries, franchises, and companies with related entities may pursue B Corp Certification, with certain limits. Subsidiaries of publicly-traded companies also must meet additional transparency requirements.

Can start-ups certify as B Corps?
B Corp Certification is based in part on a company's verified performance on the B Impact Assessment, which asks questions about a company's past fiscal year. This means that companies with less than one year of operations are not yet eligible for B Corp Certification. Instead, they may pursue Pending B Corp status, designed to set a start-up on the path to full Certification.

Can sole proprietors get B Corp Certified?
Yes! There's no minimum size for B Corp Certification. Your company size will influence the questions you have to answer on the B Impact Assessment to meet the performance requirement for Certification. 

What information do Certified B Corps have to make transparent?

All Certified B Corps share their B Impact Assessment overall scores and category scores on their public profiles on Public companies and their subsidiaries have extra transparency requirements and make their entire B Impact Assessment public, with particularly sensitive information like revenue redacted. Companies that have material items, such as lawsuits, on their Disclosure Questionnaire may also be required to make that disclosure transparent as well.

What topics are covered in the B Impact Assessment?
The B Impact Assessment examines a company's impact on their workers, community, environment, and customers. The BIA also asks questions about a company's governance structure and accountability. Questions are split into two categories: Operations, which covers a company's day-to-day activities, and Impact Business Models, which awards additional points for business models designed to create additional positive impact. The B Impact Assessment is updated every year to incorporate feedback and improve upon the standards.