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Evaluated projects 

Fog and Nature

Research and co-creation of evaluation and validation tool for business projects, to identify, share and validate company good acts that are innovative and replicable, achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) targets as well . The project, was enabled through Solved Finland, the clean-tech experts international platform with  The Planet Company, to engage in building a transformational sustainability platform to evaluate and share the most practical business good acts (SDG 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17)

Sustainable Energy

The area of sustainability is a central point in the 2020 strategy of Next Incubator and will get more and more important in the next years. Next incubator is positioning itself as central contact point for this topic within the Energie Steiermark group. Lead the Sustainable Change 2030 as part of sustainable strategy development for Next Incubator defines the focus for 2030 and  brings creative solutions for sustainability and innovation, in doing responsible business (SDG7,9,11,13,17)

Food Packaging

To create a community that empowers small businesses with a passion for the environment, and together build a more sustainable future.

By offering small businesses the opportunity to obtain affordable prices on eco-friendly packaging, CUSP aims to make these businesses environmental leaders while also allowing them to compete against big corporations when it comes to implementing green initiatives (SDG 12, 11, 13, 17)

Toast Sandwich


Manna Foods goal is to revolutionize the food industry, by both, technology & food products. "Together, we can print our own food future"is the motto they believe in.

REEBO is the 1st 3D food printer designed as vending machine in Europe, that with a touch of a button, serves ready-to-eat cakes & sandwiches in less than 2 minutes.

Labelled "NEW Star Trek of food", it combines a new development in food technology, social impact and sustainability. (SDG 2,9,11,12, 17).

Fruits and Vegetables


The version of TripAdvisor for sustainable consumption. Happy Consumers was developed as an education platform connecting customer values with responsible businesses locally, looking at responsible operations along entire value chain and changing customers behavior (SDG 4,12,11,13,17)

"A learning from the start was that, for these kind of evaluations, you have to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve as well as the realization that with a quick evaluation process you will not achieve everything at once. So the focus needs to be in setting the right KPI’s from the very beginning"

"In the end, for reasonable effort, we were able to bring new insights to the project team how to extend their impact. If this kind of work progresses the solutions that mitigate climate change, improve quality of lives or support communities and nature, then it is worth the effort from all of our experts."