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Trees From Above




 The City Tree connects different mosses with fully automated water and nutrient provision based on unique Internet of Things technology. Air filtering performance is quantitatively proven and the plants’ requirements are measured in real time. The City Tree enables improved air quality, integration of IoT devices such as sensors for measuring environmental data, Screen for communication and comfort gain through seating in comfortable atmosphere.

Energy platform that collects data from various sources, extrapolates missing consumption data if needed, and forecasts consumption, renewable production, and energy prices for both traditional and distributed grids with full bottom-up architecture. Optimizes the setup of Distributed Energy Resources, and their real-time operations, based on various inputs such as prediction data, constraints, prosumers, and ecosystem objectives.

Easy and quick carbon footprint calculator for companies through financial data, that requires no human intervention, fully automatic 

H2-storage system for residential customers and small businesses which enables high share of energy usage.
Own technology and patents are used to create an fully optimized energy package. is an user-friendly platform for analyzing data and makes complex data approachable by non technical people. It gives a broad possibility for employees to analyze without professional internal or external support and learn to interpret data lot easier.

With this technology you are able to charge your EV from inside your home instead of finding your near by recharging station. It is currently developed in local areas and soon to be integrated in the national grid.

"A learning from the start was that, for these kind of evaluations, you have to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve as well as the realization that with a quick evaluation process you will not achieve everything at once. So the focus needs to be in setting the right KPI’s from the very beginning"

"In the end, for reasonable effort, we were able to bring new insights to the project team how to extend their impact. If this kind of work progresses the solutions that mitigate climate change, improve quality of lives or support communities and nature, then it is worth the effort from all of our experts."

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