This mentoring program is suitable for professionals who are looking to discover the sustainability field, to make a smooth transition or to grow as professionals and change makers for themselves and others.


This mentoring program is specially designed to:

  • Prepare the next generation of women leaders

  • Increase women’s representation at managerial & decision making levels

  • Facilitate novel ideas, encourage female entrepreneurs, and boost personal confidence

  • Develop concrete career goals and plans

  • Foster networking and social change, while advancing the sustainability talk

Mentoring as relationship is deeply  beneficial to both parties involved, the mentor and the mentees, serving as a way to give back important development and learning experience.

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Purpose for the Mentee

Enhance skill development

Most mentees are looking for someone to help them advance their career prospects. Through advice and guidance, the mentor can help the employee develop their full potential in the workplace.


A  mentoring program is a great way for new hires to boost their networking opportunities. Through a mentoring program, a mentee can gain access to important career contacts sooner. This is especially true in remote work environments.


A mentor can be a sounding board when the less experienced employee comes up against a situation or problem that they are not familiar with or can’t see a solution too. By partnering a younger professional with a more experienced one, the mentee gets to learn from the mentor’s experience.


Knowledge Transfer

The mentor can impart wisdom developed on a job over time, information and workplace expectations or policies that will help the mentee succeed in the long run.




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You Are:

  • A young professional, interested in sustainability 

  • A graduate interested in energie or sustainability

  • A professional looking for transition

  • Looking for a quick advice for a challenge and to solve urgent /important situation, get inspired/influenced

  • Look for connections and networking opportunities 

  • No time to commit to a regular mentoring schedule


Then the drop-in mentoring option is the thing for you! 

What is included: 

  • 1 x 60 min slot 

  • 1 x 30 min additional for reflection

  • flexible timing based on our availability

Before requesting this program:

  1. Have clarity on your fast need

  2. What are you looking for

  3. Set up initial goal for the 60 min

Fast Mentoring duration:

  • 1 hour of intensive training 

  • 1 bonus half hour for reflection​


You can select additional fast mentoring after the first one during the following month. If you feel that you might have some very quick challenges coming up, we suggest to select the mentoring program for one month.


September OFFER: EUR 85-


You Are:


  • An experienced professional looking to upskill

  • Want to explore new career opportunities

  • Get professional, constructive feedback from peers

  • Brainstorm new ideas in sustainability field

  • Want to understand organisational cultures

  • Look for connections and network opportunities

  • Have time to engage in 1 month mentoring


Then the mentoring program is that thing for you!


What is included: 

  • 4 weeks program 

  • 1 x 60 min slot per week

  • 1 x 60 min additional slot for reflection

  • flexible timing based on your availability

Before requesting this program:

  1. Have clarity on your needs

  2. Have a vision what you want to achieve

  3. Set up initial goals

We will discuss these goals or create new ones if this is the case.


Initial Program duration:

  • 1 month program 

  • 5 hours in total of intensive mentoring

You can select an additional 1 month program after the first month to achieve your mentoring goals. 

Autumn OFFER: EUR 300- 

 The biggest inspiration I would like to thank my mentor Corina for, is patience, available to share knowledge and always trying to improve our exchange

Nancy, Energy Consultant, Guatemala 

I would highly recommend Corina’s services and expertise,

she goes the extra mile to ensure that she fully understands who you are as a business and where your business needs to go.

She will help you get there!

James, CEO, UK

I found it thrilling that Corina challenged me and made me think through specific questions.

Eric, CEO, Austria

She did not only push me to think about how my project addresses the sustainable development goals

but she  help me with concrete ideas on how to make my project more visible within my organization and

with relevant external stakeholders. 

Valeria, Social Entrepreneur, Austria

Corina is an amazing woman professionally and personally and a wonderful mentor. I learned about her experiences and different topics like sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals, stakeholder engagement and more for my project and   she gave  me a lot of recommendations to improve.

Bertha,  Environmental Specialist, El Salvador 

By getting a good mentor you are shortening your way to success. A mentor is a brain to pick, an ear to listen  and a pair of eyes that see the hope inside of you, by pushing you into the right direction.



Corina Radu

  • 20 years of international experience, certified B Corp practitioner

  • Mentoring mid level and senior energy and tech professionals at Global Women Network for -Energy Transition (GWNET) Professional Women of Vienna (PWN) and SENA Austria 

  • Member of global EIT- Climate KIC Network of Coaches

  • Mentor and coach in  international incubators like Circle17, Commons Accel

  • Has worked in local and global sustainability project managing roles 

  • Project management certified in sustainability reporting 

  • Founder of Solutions4Impact, a sustainability consultancy for SMEs, helping them showcase their impact and reach more customers, partners and impact investors

  • Co-founder of New Virtual Collaboration, an online training company for corporates and SMEs specialized in team agility and leadership in remote working

  • Active as top, sought for, sustainability adviser 


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