Fog and Nature

Research and co-creation of evaluation and validation tool for business projects, to identify, share and validate company good acts that are innovative and replicable, achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) targets as well . The project, was enabled through Solved Finland, the clean-tech experts international platform with  The Planet Company, to engage in building a transformational sustainability platform to evaluate and share the most practical business good acts (SDG 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17)


To create a community that empowers small businesses with a passion for the environment, and together build a more sustainable future.

By offering small businesses the opportunity to obtain affordable prices on eco-friendly packaging, CUSP aims to make these businesses environmental leaders while also allowing them to compete against big corporations when it comes to implementing green initiatives (SDG 12, 11, 13, 17)

reebo 2.png


Manna Foods goal is to revolutionize the food industry, by both, technology & food products. "Together, we can print our own food future"is the motto I believe and support as advisory board member.

REEBO is the 1st 3D food printer designed as vending machine in Romania, that with a touch of a button, serves ready-to-eat cakes & sandwiches in less than 2 minutes. Labelled "NEW Star Trek of food", it combines a new development in food technology, social impact and sustainability. (SDG 2,9,11,12, 17).

Sustainable Energy

GWNET tackles the inequality of gender in the energy sector and empowers more development for women active in the renewable energy sector all over the world. As mentor in 2019 - 2021 program, I advise younger professionals, sharing my experience with them in building local capacity and engage their stakeholders (SDG 5, 7, 11, 13, 17)


This 2019 project is a great example of how Artificial Intelligence solutions for non-traditional sectors, such as community development, climate risks, interventions, education, can bring positive change and advance the goals for Sustainable Development. I believe new technologies and AI can help projects put people's needs for sustainable living in the center (SDG 4,9,11,16,17)

Fruit Stand

The version of TripAdvisor for sustainable consumption. Happy Consumers was developed during 2017 Female Founders first boot-camp, as an education platform connecting customer values with responsible businesses locally, looking at responsible operations along entire value chain and changing customers behavior (SDG 4,12,11,13,17)


The area of sustainability is a central point in the 2020 strategy of Next Incubator and will get more and more important in the next years. Next incubator is positioning itself as central contact point for this topic within the Energie Steiermark group. Lead the Sustainable Change 2030 as part of sustainable strategy development for Next Incubator defines the focus for 2030 and  brings creative solutions for sustainability and innovation, in doing responsible business (SDG7,9,11,13,17)

International Flags

Supported WIO Network – Women for careers in International Organizations, 2017 pilot survey, with coordination of 12 applicants seeking a position at the United Nations, to assess, collect and document practical examples of what works and does not work with the current United Nations employment system. The aim of this study was helping women participation at United Nations and its agencies (SDG5)